Stephens presented at UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen

Jennie Stephens attended the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009.  The UN Climate Change Conference, the 15th conference of the parties (COP-15) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), took place in Copenhagen from December 7-18, with a goal of negotiating a post-Kyoto international climate framework.

Stephens was an official observer of the negotiations, and she presented her research on the social and political implications of the recent increased attention to carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology for climate change mitigation. Her presentation was part of an official UNFCC side-event on Politics, Promises and Pitfalls of CCS.  These side-events provide unique opportunities for scholars and practitioners to communicate about their work to a broad, international climate policy audience.

Worcester T&G article featuring Stephens’ at Copenhagen climate conference

About jenniecstephens

Collaborative, interdisciplinary, innovative academic with a demonstrated history working to enhance the societal impact of higher education research, teaching and community engagement with a focus on sustainability and resilience. Expertise in renewable energy transformation, energy innovation (both technical and social innovations), energy democracy, energy resilience, carbon management, climate engineering, and climate resilience. Recent focus on strengthening societal resilience by integrating social justice with climate and energy policy.
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