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Collaborative, interdisciplinary, innovative academic with a demonstrated history working to enhance the societal impact of higher education research, teaching and community engagement with a focus on sustainability and resilience. Expertise in renewable energy transformation, energy innovation (both technical and social innovations), energy democracy, energy resilience, carbon management, climate engineering, and climate resilience. Recent focus on strengthening societal resilience by integrating social justice with climate and energy policy.

New piece on Energy Democracy: Redistributing power to the people through renewables

Cover story of Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development on Energy Democracy Stephens, J. (2019). “Energy Democracy: Redistributing Power to the People Through Renewable Transformation.” Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 61(2): 4-13.  

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Embodied Energy Injustices – new concept highlighting harms of fossil fuel extraction

This new paper introduces the concept of “embodied energy injustices” which politicizes the transboundary harms of fossil fuel extractivism and fossil fuel supply chains.  Published in Energy Research and Social Science, this concept highlights the fact that connecting local energy … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy For Puerto Rico – Published in Science

Commentary on the importance of prioritizing renewable energy investments for Puerto Rico. Published in Science with co-authors Arturo Massol-Deyá and Jorge L. Colón.  “At this juncture, when the opportunity to build a sustainable and resilient electrical system presents itself, moving away … Continue reading

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Energy innovation in Vermont – new publication

New publication exploring energy innovation in Vermont through the lens of “energy democracy”.  This collaborative piece reviews the unique innovative environment for energy system change and energy democracy in the state of Vermont.  This review of social innovations in Vermont … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal piece on grid innovation, storm-proofing & renewables

Utilities are not doing enough to innovative for future grid resilience.  This piece published in the WSJ engages in a debate about societal expectations of utilities and the transition to a more renewable energy system

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New Publication on Energy Democracy

Energy democracy is a growing social movement. This paper reviews energy democracy goals and policy instruments..  Co-authored with Matthew Burke from McGill University.

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New publication on diversity in how electric utilities frame customer engagement & renewables

Just published in “Utilities Policy” this research analyzes how electric utility representatives in 7 different states frame customer engagement opportunities and renewable energy integration.

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