PPUA 5264 Energy Transitions & Climate Resilience: Technology, Policy & Social Change

Video explaining the course Concept Map  Syllabus Spring 2018
CourseMap Jan 2018
Other Courses Previously Taught:

The Renewable Energy Transition: Technology, Policy and Social Change, Northeastern

The 21st Century City: Urban Opportunities & Challenges in the Global Context, Northeastern

Environmental Science (undergraduate-level), U of Vermont

Energy System Transitions (graduate-level), U of Vermont & Clark University

Climate Change, Energy and Development (graduate & undergrad), U of Vermont & Clark University

Environmental Science & Policy: Introduction to Case Studies (undergraduate-level), Clark

The Sustainable University/Sustainability and the Role of Higher Education, Clark

Global Warming: How to respond? (first-year undergraduate-level), Clark University

Research Project Development for Environmental Science & Policy (graduate-level), Clark

Energy & Climate Social Change Research Seminar (graduate-level), Clark University

Biogeochemical Cycles and Global Change (graduate-level), Clark University

Joint Fact Finding (grad-level), MIT (2004) (co-taught with Herman Karl)

Earth System Science, Boston University (2004)

Climate Change: Scientific, Political, and Economic Challenges, Tufts University (2003)