Climate Resilience & Energy Transformation

Keynote presentation at the International Sustainability Transitions conference in June 2019 at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Watch keynote presentation

Research interests include: 

The renewable energy transition, gender in energy, strengthening resilience, fossil fuel divestment, societal responses to climate change. Transitioning from fossil-fuel based energy to renewable-based energy systems.  Social, political and cultural dynamics of energy system change, smart grid, wind power, carbon capture and storage (CCS), stakeholder engagement in climate modeling, sustainable energy clusters, shared action learning, social learning, sustainability education, climate and energy literacy.


Professor Stephens’ research, teaching, and community engagement focus on socio-political aspects of energy system change, climate change communication, and facilitating social learning and resilience in the transition from fossil-fuel to renewables based energy systems. Her work aims to broaden energy conversations to be more inclusive and empower individuals, households and communities to engage in energy system change. She has contributed to understanding social and cultural dynamics of wind power, carbon capture and storage, smart grid, and brings experience in stakeholder engagement and communication among experts, practitioners, academics, and the public.